Accounting and Bookkeeping Service in Dubai

Business always require to review their growth level, risk and tax impact on month to month basis. And only Accounting is the tool which fulfil the requirement of all the aspect of business to review and analyses on every circumstance.
FinHub have experience and expert team to provide Accounting Services & Solutions as per International Accounting standard (IAS) and International Financial reporting standard (IFRS). Our Major Accounting Services & Solutions are:-

Accounting and bookkeeping service in dubai

Account Writing & Bookkeeping:-

FinHub team provide the service of account writing up to finalization of books of accounts as per the country legal requirement and international standard within client premises or outside client premises as per agreed term. Services includes:-

  1. Sales register and ledger as per VAT requirement
  2. Purchase register and ledger as per VAT requirement
  3. VAT ledger account
  4. Bank accounts and reconciliation
  5. Expenses accounts to know profitability
  6. Receivable & Payable accounting and their process
  7. Inventory account and their process
  8. Guidelines for documentation process and filing
  9. Final Profit & Loss and Balance sheet report with schedule

Consolidated Financial Statement & Schedule:-

FinHub Expert team will provide the service of consolidation when the entity control one or more other entities in different manner. (For example holding & subsidiary relationship, under same ownership or Management, investment point of view etc).

Our experience team will provide a report on consolidated financial statement & schedule on international standard as per IAS & IFRS.

  • Consolidated Profit & Loss
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet and schedules
  • Consolidated Cash Flow

Project Reporting

Every Businessman is always look out for expansion of its business for which it requires funding. This funding would be available from banks or Private equity funding. Now, to get funding from banks as well as other financial institutions, every entrepreneur is required to prepare a detailed business setup plan which is also called as Project report for bank loan or Viability report or feasibility report. When an entrepreneur conceives business idea, He tends to think a lot regarding its feasibility. However, if he does not put the same in writing and do a detailed calculation of cost involved and benefit derived, he can’t estimate whether it is viable or not and ultimately the idea gets dropped. Therefore, it is always advisable to prepare a detailed business plan or project report to understand whether it is workable or not.

We, at FinHub, helps entrepreneur and businessman in preparing the detailed business plan or project report for bank loan at a fraction of the cost.

  1. For availing Business loan and working capital loan
  2. To convince investor to invest in business by way of private equity or debt
  3. In order to evaluate viability of projects

Inventory & Cost Analysis

A healthy inventory flow enables sale closings, customer shipments, and productive work for employees. Without this flow, the business dies. It should be no surprise to find that in many industries, a firm's financial performance and position depend heavily on the firm's ability to manage inventory effectively and efficiently.

  • Establishing a proper warehouse layout
  • Reducing lead time in acquiring sellable items
  • Proper item classification for better cost management
  • Improved utilization of the company’s capital
  • Better and positive cash flow