Business Set-up in Dubai

Why to Start a Business in Dubai, UAE?

UAE, specially Dubai is an Ideal Place to start the new Business in 2019, since it offers the most diversified business markets. It is well establisbed as the city for multinational organizations to set up their head office for Middle East & Africa Market.

To attract foreign business Dubai has invested heavily in its infrastructure and due to that the transportation and telecommunications are much easier then the rest of the world. There are no income or capital taxes in Dubai, except for oil and domestic banking, and no withholding taxes. Companies in Dubai can obtain further significant advantages from the absence of trade barriers, making it an ideal location for business setup and company formation.

Where to Start a Company in the UAE :-

It is important to have a full understanding of your options before deciding how to establish your company's presence in the UAE.
There are 2 main options for New business.

Free Zone Company:
A free zone establishment is incorporated within a designated jurisdiction of the emirate where the company can do business inside the same free zone or outside UAE. For commercial licenses and trading of physical goods, the company cannot do local business directly because the government has posed a limitation for trading in the local market through a distributor and by paying 5% duty on the local market invoices. There are around 40 Free Zones in the UAE, with more under development.

Main Land Company:
A mainland company is an onshore company licensed by the Department of Economic Development of the related emirate which can do business in the local market as well as outside UAE without any restriction.

The Major difference between Free Zone Company and Main land Company are Scope of Business, Ownership Structure, Office Space, Visas Facility & Approvals from Government Authorities.

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